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Middletown Personal Property Policies

Your home accommodates so much more than simply furniture and appliances, it’s full of special items that are important to you. Personal property insurance guards your most expensive items in cases of natural disaster or burglary. Property insurance is an effective way to protect your valuables, but we suggest holding onto records of your own. It’s wise to snap photographs and store records of the valuables you want insured. There are two specific ways that coverage can rescue you if your property or valuables are burgled or damaged:

  • Actual cash worth: Belongings are generally at market value, which essentially means replacement cost minus devaluation.
  • Replacement cost coverage: Your insured personal property will be protected for the amount it would cost to purchase a brand new replacement item.

Personal property coverage is typically limited to 70 or 80 percent of the amount of the policy. Unscheduled property is covered up to the policy limit set for personal property harm and scheduled property is set at sub-limit amounts of coverage.

Which of My Items get Coverage?

With personal property insurance with HIS Insurance, you can defend the succeeding items:

  • Furniture and appliances
  • Television sets, desktops and other electronics
  • Clothing, linen and drapes
  • Silverware and cookware
  • Watches, jewelry and other heirlooms
  • Collectables and fine art

Personal property policies do not cover the following things:

  • Any pets
  • Automobiles, leisure vehicles and trucks
  • The personal property of your tenant if you’re the landlord
  • The personal property of your licensee if you’re a occupant

Stay Safe from Disaster

Personal property policies from HIS Insurance protect against similar types of disasters. These are the most commonly seen:

  • Lightning
  • Smoke damage
  • Gusts, tropical storms and hail
  • Detonation
  • Aircraft and vehicles
  • Damage and disrupt
  • Riot and civil unrest
  • Building downfall
  • Accidental water or steam seepage from appliances, plumbing systems and air conditioners
  • Falling articles
  • Frozen household appliances
  • Theft

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