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Companies in the Woodstock, VA, area that are in need quality commercial insurance can turn to HIS Insurance and Service. Business insurance is a required expense, and getting the right policy can make all the difference. With such a variety of commercial policies and many providers to choose from, how do you know you’re getting the perfect business insurance plan? This is where an expert from HIS Insurance and Service can help. Our agents are knowledgeable on this subject and we have helped many businesses find the perfect plan in Woodstock, VA. At HIS Insurance and Service, we make the process easy for you. We can gather a variety of commercial insurance quotes and find the policy that meets the needs of your company. The team at HIS Insurance and Service is ready to help your business in Woodstock, VA, find the best business insurance.

Find the Plan that Works for You

All it takes is one accident to jeopardize all the hard work you’ve put into your company. It could cost you thousands of dollars. HIS Insurance and Service provides coverage for your business, no matter the size of your operations. It’s businesses like yours that help the economy in Woodstock, VA, and we want to make sure you’re taken care of. HIS Insurance and Service offers a variety of commercial insurance policies, bonds and more. Give us a call today for business insurance quotes.

Our commercial policies include:

  • Business owner’s policy
  • Commercial business
  • Bonds
  • Property insurance
  • Builders risk
  • Liability
  • Workers comp
  • Umbrella

Group Insurance

No matter what your company specializes in, your employees are a valuable asset. When you take care of your employees, it makes for better business. HIS Insurance and Service can offer a broad range of group insurance coverage.

Our employee insurance and benefits include:

  • Group vision
  • Life insurance
  • Health
  • Group dental

Call Today for Business Insurance Quotes

Is your company in Woodstock, VA, looking for affordable commercial insurance that covers everything you need? Then HIS Insurance and Service is your go-to source. Our professionals are available to collect various quotes and to work with you to find the perfect business insurance plan for your company.

Contact us for an affordable business insurance quote. We look forward to helping you choose the best insurance for your business. Let us worry about your insurance while you use your energy on growing your company. Call 800-240-3654 today.

HIS Insurance & Services provides customers with insurance policies similar to the following:


HO-1 Policy

An HO-1 homeowner’s insurance policy provides you with essential coverage. It deals with destruction caused by certain incidents, including fire, lightning, windstorms, hail and explosions. These policies also usually cover damage instigated by civil disturbance and volcanic eruptions. Since this policy is very narrow, many states don’t usually offer it to customers.

HO-2 Policy

This policy safeguards you against 16 types of events, including damage from theft, vandalism and riots. It also covers hail damage, windstorm damage and broken glass, along with smoke damage and wreckage caused by a vehicle. If your pipes erupt or your roof caves in, this policy will also protect that.

HO-3 Policy

HO-3 policies cover all possible grounds of destruction to your property and possession loss, with the exception of explicitly listed events. Exclusions differ from policy to policy, so read yours conscientiously to recognize what is going to be left out.

Basic vs. Extra Coverage

Basic homeowner’s insurance typically covers the money it will cost to restore compromised property, as well as the auxiliary costs if your home is damaged. It also covers your belongings, but the items inside your house are only covered for up to 40 percent of the home’s insured value. Additional coverage will shield you against fires and earthquakes, as well as covering the loss of individual property like computers, jewelry and cameras.



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