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Why Get Life Insurance in Purcellville, Virginia

No matter how old you are, life insurance is a great way to keep your family safe. Sometimes, the unthinkable happens. You’ll need to be able to help your family with additional security when it does. Reach out to HIS Insurance And Service to learn more about our life insurance products.

How Does Life Insurance Work?

Life insurance is a contract linking a policyholder and an insurance company. The customer gives a regular agreed upon payment, also called a premium, and in return the insurance company gives a cash sum to the designated beneficiaries according to the specific circumstances most often at the policy owners death.

Different Types of Insurance

Before you buy life insurance, think about the differences between term, whole and universal policies. It’s good to understand the facts about the term and whole life insurance policies, especially.

Term life insurance is paid across an established period of time, and the payment to your heirs only lasts for a set period. On the other hand, whole and universal life insurance plans are more dependable. They endure the entirety of the policy owner’s life and provide perks such as quick access to savings, cash value and tax-advantage expansion to add to your assets.

Both types of life insurance have their share of perks and cons. The specialists from HIS Insurance And Service, near Purcellville, Virginia can help you decide which plan is best for you.

Life Insurance Financial Benefits

Each family is different, which is why every life insurance policy is different. Financial experts will help you select the best life insurance plan to meet your retirement dreams over the next few years.

Do I Need Life Insurance?

  • Your family will be able to fund funeral arrangements without expense to themselves
  • Afford the cost of children still living at home
  • Complete outstanding debts and finish off expenses such as mortgages

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These are only a few reasons why you should buy life insurance. Find out more details by speaking with a life insurance expert at HIS Insurance And Service for a free life insurance estimate.

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