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Life Insurance Quotes and Policies for Manassas, VA

HIS Insurance And Service can provide the best life insurance plan for you and your family in Manassas, VA.

Finding the right life insurance policy in Manassas, VA, is necessary and beneficial for those who want to take care of their loved ones after they pass. This is where HIS Insurance & Service comes in. Our expert agents have the experience you need to find the plan that fits your circumstances best. We can pull up various life insurance quotes in order to provide you with some options. Then we can discuss the needs of yourself and your loved ones. Life insurance is definitely ideal for individuals who have loved ones that depend on them. Whether you need whole or term life insurance, HIS Insurance & Service is here to help you pinpoint the policy that works best.

How Does Life Insurance Work?

Life insurance works like any other type of insurance. It is an agreement between you, as the policyholder, and the insurance company that provides the life insurance plan. When you pay your premium on a routine basis, your insurance provider will return an agreed amount to those who are listed on the policy in the event that you pass away.

Different Kinds of Policies

Life insurance policies can be broken down into three different types: term, whole and universal. It’s important for you to know how these different kinds of policies work when selecting a plan, especially when it comes to whole vs. term life insurance.

Term life insurance isn’t a permanent plan. With term, you only need to make payments for an agreed upon time period. In turn, there will only be a certain amount paid out to your survivors for a set duration. Whole and universal, on the other hand, work a bit differently and are more stable. These two policies last for the entire life span of the policy owner. Additionally, they come with some perks such as easy access to savings, cash value and possible tax-advantage expansions to develop your assets.

There are pros and cons to every type of policy, and while one plan may be perfect for one person, it might not be ideal for another. This is why it’s very important to talk to one of our professional agents when you’re selecting a life insurance policy. The experts from HIS Insurance & Service can help you determine which type of policy will work out best for you in Manassas, VA.

Benefits to Life Insurance

Every family is unique. They differ with their demands and circumstances and this is why every life insurance policy can differentiate. In order to get the most benefits from your life insurance policy, you need to work with an experienced insurance professional.
Some of the more common benefits to life insurance include:

  • Paying for funeral costs
  • Paying for the necessities of the children that depend on you
  • Paying off debts such as credit cards or mortgages

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