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Fairfax Life Insurance

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When you need to find the right coverage for life insurance in Fairfax, VA, you can look to HIS Insurance & Service. We can help you find the best policy for you and your loved ones by pulling up various life insurance quotes so that you have some options to choose from. Life insurance policies are great for the loved ones that depend on you. Whether you need whole or term life insurance, our experienced agents are there to help you pinpoint the right plan for you.

What Does Life Insurance Do?

Similar to other policies, life insurance is an agreement between the policyholder and the insurance company that provides the policy. When you pay your premium regularly, the insurance company will return a lump sum of cash to those listed on the insurance plan in the event that the policy owner passes away.

Types of Life Insurance

In general, there are three kinds of life insurance policies to consider: term, whole and universal. When it comes to term vs. whole life insurance, it’s important to know how each of these policies works.

Term life insurance is not permanent and only requires payment for an agreed upon period of time to help your survivors for an established amount of time. On the other hand, whole and universal life insurance policies are more stable. They endure the span of the policy owner’s life and give perks such as simple access to savings, cash value and potential tax-advantage expansion to develop your assets.

There are perks and pitfalls to each type of life insurance plan. That’s why it’s important to speak to one of our experienced agents when deciding on a life insurance plan. The professionals from HIS Insurance & Service in Fairfax, VA, can show you which type of life insurance is best for you and your family.

Advantages of Life Insurance

Every family is different, which is why every life insurance policy can differentiate. This is why choosing an experienced insurance advisor is a necessity.
Below is a list of the more common reasons and advantages of having a life insurance policy:

  • Your family may not be able to afford funeral arrangements and it could drain their resources, but a life insurance policy can help in this situation.
  • Pay the needs of children still under your care.
  • Pay off mortgages and/or other remaining outstanding debts.

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