Exercising road safety while riding a bike

Riding a bike makes for a stimulating and fun workout. It is also a great way to get to places. Bicycles are also gaining popularity among the environment-conscious. They are considered a sensible and sustainable way to commute to places while also reducing one’s carbon footprint.

If you enjoy riding your bike on city roads and dirt tracks, you must understand that there are some very real hazards associated with riding bikes, even in your friendly neighborhood lane. It exposes the rider not only to the elements but also to the threat of a collision. Even a relatively low impact collision with another heavy-built vehicle can cause substantial damage and injury.

Every year, several bike-related accidents are reported from across the country, resulting in severe injuries. To make your bike riding experience safe and enjoyable, observe a reasonable degree of care and caution.

Here are some tips that can assure your safety while ensuring that you have an exhilarating riding experience.

1) Wear a helmet: This is a vital cautionary measure that you must exercise while riding a bike. It can go a long way in securing your safety in case of a collision. Wearing a helmet enhances your chance of surviving an accident considerably by safeguarding and protecting your head.

2) Wear bright colors: There is a reason why engineers and workers working on construction sites near roads are dressed in those bright fluorescent colors. Wearing vivid colors helps other drivers spot you from afar, ensuring your safety on the road.

3)Install rearview mirrors: It can be dangerous to turn around and look over your shoulder, especially when riding at high speeds. A rearview mirror can help you see the traffic behind you.

4) Avoid riding with earphones: You must ride with complete alertness. It is best to avoid wearing any earpieces or earphones while riding a bike because any small misjudgment on the road can have far-reaching consequences.

5) Be vigilant at all times: At any time while riding a bike, you must be conscious that you are maneuvering a vehicle, and any small accident can have significant implications. You must always watch out for loose concrete, gravel, and stones. It is also wise and sensible to pay extra attention while changing lanes and crossing intersections.

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