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Storing essential documents digitally is very important in 2020. Unlike physically storing important documents, digital storage is comparatively safer. The probability of digitally stored documents going corrupt is highly unlikely unless, of course, you spill coffee all over your computer. But, even then, there are ways to procure your important files and documents. Read below to find out!

Back everything up.

Before you turn all minimalist and start mass-deleting every file out there, make sure anything you might require soon is backed up to the cloud, a hard drive, or both securely.

Pick a Secure Web Browser

To be on the safe side, people buy VPNs (virtual private networks). VPNs provide the right balance of safety and security from infiltrators and corrupt files that may lead to unwanted data sharing. Most people use Google Chrome because of its seamless incorporation with G-Suite.

Delete Irrelevant Files

Certain documents become obsolete and irrelevant as time passes. There will always be a list of irrelevant documents, photos, files, and folders that are no longer important for the course of life. It sometimes is better to eject these documents to free up reusable space.

Go For Zero Inbox

Cleaning your email inbox of junk isn’t as hard as you think, especially with the recent updates. If you can’t immediately reply to an email, then “snooze” it until you have the time available, or set up an automatic redirect option to forward it to the appropriate folder. You can also download extensions like Boomerang that allows you to pause new emails, so you aren’t distracted during long working hours. No matter what, make sure you’ve subscribed to the correct emails (like relevant insurance newsletters) in the first place.

Download helpful apps for organization

Here are a few apps we use:

Wunderlist (for creating to-do lists, to-buy lists, and lists of any kind)
Pocket (for saving pages and articles I want to read later)
Pinterest (for pinning inspiring images and resources)
Evernote (for taking notes and doing all these other cool things that our CTO loves about Evernote)

Pick one process and stick with it.

Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to digital security and cleanliness. Once you’ve traced your methods for organizational success (like naming conventions and folder structures), you’ll have a self-crafted framework that you can follow daily.

Storing relevant documents, photos, and files has become an essential requirement for every individual nowadays. Without understanding the tools and technology involved, you might be at risk of losing valuable work. So be careful and procure your important docs in the safe and right way!