Car Safety Checklist For Your Holiday Travel

Is the classic American road trip your idea of a fantastic holiday? With the joy of festivities and deals aplenty, there is every reason to go on a fun vacation over the holidays! But before you set off for your excursion, don’t forget that your car has to be ready for driving you safely around on icy roads and in snowy days!

Here is a checklist that will help you get your car ready for safe winter driving!

● Get Those Recurring Auto Issues Fixed

Problems such as stalling, rough idling, and hard starts should be fixed beforehand! If you have been putting off such auto repair tasks for a long time now, these problems tend to worsen in winter and pose a threat to your safety on the road. Hence have them fixed at a reliable auto service shop!

● Add Antifreeze To Your Fuel System

The frigid temperatures in winter make vehicles harder or even impossible to start. These hard starts often occur if the moisture in fuel lines freezes, causing them to burst or get deformed. To avoid costly repair and, possibly, the risk of ending up stranded in the middle of nowhere, add an entire bottle of antifreeze into your fuel system. Using antifreeze every month, or when needed, will keep your car’s fuel system free of moisture accumulation caused by humidity and recurring condensation.

● Replace Your Windshield Wiper Blades

Your wiper blades work the hardest in snowy weather by continually removing snow from your windshield. So it is essential to inspect them. In case the rubber compound appears to be worn out or is breaking, it won’t give you a clean swipe. Hence replace the old wiper blades with new ones for the best performance.

● Check Your Tires

Worn out or deflated tires are highly unsafe as they can crash, skid, or get stuck, even though the road is covered with just a little snowfall. Hence tire inspection before a journey is a must-do task! Check the tread depth and pressure and look for worn spots on the surface. Also, examine the signs for uneven wear as bad tire traction means less control on stopping your car on icy roads. You can also consider having a professional check your tires for rotation and alignment, as well as safety and performance. In case your tires are older than six years, get them replaced, preferably with snow tires!

● Inspect Your Brakes

Driving a vehicle with worn-out brakes may be less noticeable during winter. However, snow and ice make the road slippery and will require you to apply brakes more frequently! If the brakes are not in good shape, this means your brakes may fail you when you want to make a sudden stop! Therefore, make sure your brakes are in perfect condition for your road trip!

● Keep A Winter Driving Emergency Kit In Your Car

Planning for a winter road trip also involves preparing for wintertime challenges and emergencies. Make sure you prep an emergency kit so that you are always ready no matter what kind of weather winter throws at you! Make sure your kit has gloves, boots, some blankets, sand, a flashlight plus extra batteries, flares, a few shovels, and a small tool kit. Also, carry a first-aid kit, heat packets, bottled water, non-perishable food, as well as a satellite phone and charger.

Despite your best safety measures, difficult situations such as a road accident may still occur! Hence, it is prudent to have quality auto coverage to ensure that you drive with complete peace of mind! Contact HIS Insurance and Service to get cost-effective car insurance in Virginia today!