Swimming Pool Safety

Spending some quality time with kids at a backyard pool seems like a great idea, especially when there is a considerable need to beat the summer heat. However, with all the fun and excitement comes another set of challenges – how to keep the little ones out of trouble. According to a report shared by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 390 deaths on average happen in a year because of drowning in pools.

The numbers are scary, but with the right measures, you can easily ensure that you and your family remain safe during your pool adventures. Here are a few swimming pool safety tips that you can follow to protect your children while still letting them have fun in the pool this summer.

Swimming Rules That Everyone In Your Family Must Follow

● Avoid diving headfirst in a pool unless it has a safe diving zone.
● Apply non-slip coating on the pool deck, ladder, and diving board.
● Steer clear from drains and other openings that may create a suction effect.
● Never dive into an above-ground pool or the shallow end of the pool, as it will not be deep enough.
● Make sure that your child always has someone with him while swimming.
● Stay sober while you are swimming.
● Stay sober and attentive while supervising your children. Keep your cellphones away.
● If you are swimming in a deep pool, make sure to keep life jackets with you.
● Know local ordinances and codes of safety in your area.
● Before diving, always ensure that everyone is out of the way.
● Wear sunscreen so that you don’t end up with painful sunburns.
● Teach your children what to do if an emergency occurs.

Measures To Secure The Pool When You Are Not Using It

● Keep toys away when the pool is not in use.
● If you have a blow-up pool, make sure to empty it after every use.
● Keep all the electrical items away from the pool.
● Clear the poolside and instruct your kids not to play on the pool deck.

Important Safety Tips That Are A Life Saver

● If you have small kids at home, install fences around your pool, and make the fences climb resistant. The fences should be at least four feet high and must not have any footholds.
● When installing your pool, hire a licensed electrician who can install it as per the local safety codes.
● The ladder of the pool should be at least three inches wide and must have handrails to hold on.
● You can also install an automatic pool cover (a motorized cover that is operated by a switch) to keep children from accidentally falling in.
● Make sure that you have alarms installed in your pool that will notify you if anyone tries to enter it.
● Teach your kids how to swim. Any child who is above four is eligible to enroll in a swimming class for lessons. Know that every kid is different, so keep your child’s emotional maturity and physical limitations in mind when taking him or her for lessons.
● Check the pool and equipment regularly for safety. See if there are any protruding bolts and rickety ladders to fix.
● Keep rescue devices and a first aid kit near the pool. Also, it is a good idea to learn CPR while you are at it.

Whether you are having a poolside barbecue session with your friends or simply chilling with your family, make sure to follow the tips mentioned above for a safe swimming experience!