Vacation Safety Tips

Fun is free! What’s not free is taking your safety lightly! This is why we’ve compiled a list of vacation safety tips for the spring break so that you only take a break from your monotonous routine but NEVER from your safety.

How To Have A Safe & Successful Spring Break

Travel Insurance

If you’re traveling overseas, consider travel insurance. You should have a good travel insurance policy with important coverage including injury, illness, and emergency evacuation coverage. Talk to your insurance provider to check if you are covered abroad.

Surroundings Check

As excited as you are to embrace the warm weather and enjoy the feeling of spring break, remember to be aware of your surroundings wherever you travel. After all, any new spots can turn out to be unsafe if you let your guard down. Watch for any suspicious behavior that could pull you into a dangerous situation. Carry pepper spray or a personal alarm for extra safety.

Drinking Smartly

If you plan to drink outside your hotel room, consider having a sober friend on patrol. Avoid drinking in a hot tub as the effects of drinking are felt quicker and stronger there. Don’t accept drinks from strangers or leave your drink unattended. Last but not least, watch your drink intake to ensure your overall safety.

Buddy System

Whether you’re on the bar or the beach, follow the buddy system at all times. Travel in groups, and ensure at least one person is with you when you go somewhere apart from your group. Remember to keep your friends posted on your plans. Also, it’s great to come up with a secret signal between you and your group so that you can alert each other of anything weird.

Health Check

A nasty sunburn or sickness is the last thing you need on your fun trip! Apart from eating healthy, remember simple safety precautions such as staying hydrated and protecting against the sun. Make sure to carry a water bottle with you at all times and wear sunscreen and UV protection sunglasses. Avoid exposure to mid-day sun and take occasional breaks from the sun. Seek shade and drink more water if you feel unwell.

Assets Care

Keep copies of your credit cards, ID, and passport safe in the hotel. Leave your expensive jewelry at home to avoid unnecessary attention and the hassle of keeping it secure. When outside, carry a limited amount of cash and keep your money, camera, and ID hidden — preferably in a traveling pouch that zips shut.

Swim Safely

Traveling to the beach? Before getting in the water, stay updated on the swimming conditions. Make sure to stay within the designated swimming area and keeping yourself hydrated. Also, keep an eye out for traffic as some beaches allow cars. Last, don’t swim alone and don’t swim at night.

Road Trips

Get your car checked out to make sure it is suitable for a long trip. After all, it is hugely disappointing to stand by the side of the road and wait for hours for help. Always keep your windows up high enough and car doors locked. And never stop for strangers on the side of the road. Drive on busy highways and don’t make your way too far off of the interstate. It’s best to trade-off drivers or stop at a motel for the night if you are tired.

Lastly, take special care to research your holiday location, hotel, tour group, and trip agency. You’re all set now! Have fun and stay safe!