Spring Cleaning Checklist

With spring knocking on our doors, it is time to do the annual ritual of cleaning. Spring cleaning is essential to not only freshen up our homes but also give a head start for the hectic seasons of spring and summer. The best way to approach this is to create a comprehensive checklist that will have all your chores done systematically. It will help you will feel less burdened and more energetic as you check off each task from the list, one by one.

Are you still wondering where to start? Use our spring cleaning checklist as a guide and customize your checklist!

Checklist For All Rooms

1) Dusting ceiling corners and baseboards.
2) Dusting and washing light fixtures and lamps.
3) Dusting ceiling fans and crown molding.
4) Washing doors and windows.
5) Washing walls and repainting them (wherever needed).
6) Vacuuming curtains and window blinds.
7) Vacuuming and polishing furniture.
8) Shampooing carpets.
9) Deep cleaning tiles.
10) Removing rugs and vacuuming them thoroughly.
11) Disinfecting door knobs, cabinet handles, and light switches.
12) Replacing light bulbs.
13) Changing air and furnace filters
14) Changing batteries of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
15) Scheduling a chimney sweep.
16) Hiring pest control.

Checklist For Kitchens

1) Wiping down kitchen appliances, including blender and microwave.
2) Deep cleaning the dishwasher.
3) Cleaning and refilling the refrigerator.
4) Defreezing and cleaning the freezer.
5) Cleaning trash cans and disinfecting them.
6) Cleaning hood vents.
7) Cleaning stovetops.
8) Cleaning and organizing cookware and containers.
9) Cleaning the cabinet doors and reorganizing cabinets.
10) Checking if you need new appliances.

Checklist For Bathrooms

1) Cleaning air vents.
2) Cleaning light fixtures and switches.
3) Organizing and disinfecting cabinets and drawers.
4) Restocking medicines and toiletries and disposing of old ones.
5) Scrubbing and cleaning showerheads, faucets, and bathtubs.
6) Scrubbing the toilet and its surrounding tiles.
7) Washing the shower curtains and liners.
8) Cleaning mirrors and brushes.
9) Disinfecting and cleaning countertops.
10) Polishing metal faucets and wooden accents.
11) Changing floor mats and towels.
12) Cleaning and sanitizing the knobs, towel racks, and toilet paper holders.

Checklist For Bedrooms

1) Vacuuming floors.
2) Dusting the ceiling, corners, and windowsills.
3) Dusting upper and lower crown molding.
4) Dusting the wall decorations, including wall hangings and pictures.
5) Cleaning upholstered furniture.
6) Polishing metal and wooden furniture.
7) Cleaning and dusting lamps, light fixtures, and light globes.
8) Decluttering and organizing cabinets and cupboards.
9) Emptying laundry bags and doing laundry.
10) Cleaning and organizing dressers and nightstands.
11) Vacuuming mattresses.
12) Washing bed sheets, pillows, and pillow covers.
13) Cleaning doors and windows.

Checklist For Living Rooms

1) Dusting crown molding and floor molding.
2) Vacuuming floors, under furniture, and in between the cushions.
3) Conditioning leather furniture.
4) Dusting ceiling fans, lamps, lampshades, and bookshelves.
5) Cleaning tables, wall decorations, and mirrors.
6) Cleaning windows, windowsills, and doors.
7) Dusting and disinfecting doorknobs and light switch plates.
8) Dusting and disinfecting electronics like TV and gaming systems.


1) Cleaning the entire garage and reorganizing it.
2) Washing decks and outdoor furniture.
3) Cleaning out garbage and recycling bins.
4) Removing the screens and cleaning them.
5) Vacuuming and cleaning the entryway.
6) Cleaning and repairing gutters.
7) Cleaning outdoor light fixtures.
8) Trimming trees and bushes.
9) Checking and repairing the sprinkler systems.
10) Inspecting roof shingles and fixing broken parts of the house’s exterior.
11) Adding more plants to the outdoors for decoration.

Ultimately, make sure to keep a realistic schedule and enlist the help of family members if possible. Don’t try to do everything in a day. Instead, divide the spring cleaning chores into different days for easy cleaning.