Tips For Making New Year’s Resolutions

Eat healthy? Check. Exercise? Check. Make more money? Check.

It is really disappointing when your previous year’s resolutions make a comeback in your next year’s list. Every year, it seems to get longer and longer just like a holiday shopping list! With New Year, we bid farewell to the holiday season, and many Americans find it challenging to recover from their laid-back lifestyle. Soon after accepting the challenge to change our lives, temptations start acting up and try to lead us astray. Old habits begin to creep up on us by the end of February, March, or worse, in late January.

Don’t be disheartened though! This has happened even to the best of us. But this time, we will go into it strong. We will jog and do yoga! We’ll eat all the suggested green leafy vegetables and cut out junk! We’ll spend wisely and save better! Yes, we’ll change our lives but one day at a time!

That sounds easy. Right?

How do you convert those short-term goals into long-term achievements? Take the pressure off the New Year! It shouldn’t have to be on the night of 31st that you make routine resolutions and just enforce them upon yourself the next morning! Instead, plan better and in advance to achieve your goals to some extent, if not completely!
These well-thought-out tips will set you on the road to a healthier, happier life with more resolutions coming to fruition!

Be Realistic

You can divide the year ahead in halves or quarters. Set goals that you feel are more achievable over a short span of time. Short term goals are less overwhelming and are easier to attain than a big resolution. If you want to quit your addiction to cigarettes, you can cut a few every month. Likewise, you can plan ahead to save money. Understand your monthly expenses so that you can decide where you can limit yourself. Begin with saving every alternate month or in some other pattern, whatever suits you best!

Set Precise Goals

If your goal is to eat healthy, giving your mind a clear trail is better than a vague notion of healthy eating. Set specific goals. Replace your morning coffee with green tea. If you have a sweet tooth, try focusing on that area and cut down on your sweet indulgences. Stop taking that packet of chips or other unhealthy snacks every evening, and switch to healthier options.

Get Rid Of Temptations

If you have a bad habit of munching, then be cautious of activities or foods that tempt you to do that! You can choose not to buy things like unhealthy comfort foods, including that packet of chips you love. Pick dry fruits, fruits, and corn instead whenever you feel like chomping on something!

Don’t Beat Yourself Up For Mistakes

Just because you couldn’t control your alcohol intake or you had too much junk on that one trip with friends doesn’t mean it is all over! Changing your lifestyle is really hard to do. You’ll often find yourself going back to old ways. So, be merciful and forgive yourself. Never make perfection your goal! Whenever you come to your senses, you can still resume your timetable!

You Deserve To Be Rewarded!

With every achievement of yours should come a reward! However, make sure such rewards motivate you for the goal and don’t tempt you otherwise! If you have lost a few inches over a month, don’t reward yourself with a cheese loaded burger. You can save up and treat yourself with a relaxing massage and a day off from the gym! You can create your own reward systems that you feel happy about!

So this year, don’t make big resolutions but small differences in your lifestyle. Happy New Year!