6 Back to School Tips

Getting back to school can seem overwhelming and a huge relief at the same time. Everyone is finally getting back to a schedule, and the chaos seems to calm down a little. Whether your kids have just begun school or are about to, here are a few tips to make the transition from free-range fun to math and science in classrooms.

Start the sleep schedule early

Start putting your kids to bed at their school bedtime for two weeks or so before school starts. That starts putting them back in the habit so when the big day comes, and they’re used to it and well rested.


Go ahead and sign your kids up for sports or other activities for after school to keep them active and healthy.

Eat dinner together

Family dinners are good for your children because they’re able to spend quality time with you, eat healthier food and learn table manners and other essential traits. Take this time to listen to your kids as they talk about their days and the funny things that happen. It’ll show you care as well as teach them that they are valued.

Visit the school

Take the time to meet their new teachers and explore the halls, so they’re comfortable on their first day.

Provide a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the most crucial part of the day! Proper fuel will give your child the energy and aid their focus during the school day.

Set the schedule

Kids tend to function best when they’re given a schedule, and the same thing happens every day. Establish specific homework and play times, time for family and when they need to go to bed. It may take some getting used to, but soon enough they’ll know exactly what to do and when to do it.

At HIS Insurance, we wish all of you a fun and safe school year!