The Most Commonly Missed Places That Need To Be Cleaned

We’ve passed the time for Spring Cleaning, so your home should be reasonably clean right? Never mind the clutter that happens from kids and merely living in your home. But, did you clean everything? Here are just a few of the commonly missed parts of your home that you might have forgotten.

When was the last time you cleaned these?

Kitchen handles

All those grubby, little hands leave germs and bacteria all in those small smudges. When you’re cooking that delicious dinner, and you check in the refrigerator for an ingredient, you leave the bacteria from the meat on the handle. Every time you touch them and then another surface, that bacteria is slowly spreading around your home. Those handles have probably seen better days.

Make sure to scrub the handles once a week with 1 part vinegar and 1 part hot water. Doing so will keep your home clean and your family healthy.

Ice cube trays

These can be super easy to forget because they sit in the freezer until you need them. Out of sight, out of mind. But trays are susceptible to odors and food remnants inside your freezer. The next time you empty the tray, go ahead and clean it with soap and hot water.

Water bottles

Your water bottle might have mildew or mold in the rim or inside of the container from not being washed. You might think because it’s just water, it can’t possibly get that dirty, but it can. Before you take your next sip, give it a good clean with hot water. Scrub the inside with a toothbrush and a make sure to get the mouthpiece too!

Light switches

Do you know how many times a day your light switches get turned on or off? We don’t either, but we’re betting it’s a lot. Those can get reasonably dirty over time if not wiped down and disinfected regularly.


You shouldn’t have to worry about picking up germs while going down the stairs. Your only worry should be trying not to trip. Give those handrails a thorough clean with hot water and vinegar-soaked paper towels.

Spic and span

Which one of these surprised you? Have you already started cleaning? Keep your home and family healthy and happy by thinking about those commonly missed spots and getting rid of the grime!