Fun Fall Activities for Families

For many, fall is the ultimate season. The weather is perfect — not too hot, not too cold. The colors are vibrant and beautiful, and there is an excitement in the air as everyone anticipates the coming holidays. The outdoors get a little prettier, and the indoors get a little cozier. Lucky for you and your family, there are countless activities for quality time and fun.

The Classic Festivities

No list of fall activities is complete without mentioning the outdoor classics. Throw on some jackets, charge the camera, clean out a big wicker basket, and go apple picking. Bundle up and explore a corn maze, pick some pumpkins, or hop onto a hayride. Play in piles of raked leaves and explore the colorful foliage-rich countryside or visit a haunted house (or two, or three).

Sporting Events

‘Tis the season for playoffs and final sporting events. For football lovers, fall is the most wonderful time of the year. Feeling nostalgic? Attend a local high school or college football game. To save some money, make an event out of watching a big rivalry game from home by making food, decorating, and inviting family over to watch.

Crafts and Decor Creations

With the coming holidays come many opportunities for crafts. Create holiday decorations for your home. Better yet, make decorations or supplies for shelters or other nonprofit organizations, such as blankets and clothing items.

Baking and Cooking

One iconic trait of autumn is the smells. Saunter down the candle aisle at your local supermarket, and you will notice that the majority of the seasonal scents are inspired by baked goods. With your family, make a pecan pie from scratch, bake leaf-shaped cookies and frost them with fall colors, or whip up a big pot of homestyle soup. You may as well practice some recipes for your big family Thanksgiving dinner in the meantime.

Cabin Vacation

If you’re feeling more adventurous, whisk your family away to a cabin weekend getaway — preferably somewhere with no cell phone service nestled inside thick fall foliage. Huddle up in the cabin next to the fireplace at night and explore the area in the daylight. Play horseshoe, sports, and board games. Even watching a movie in a cabin feels more special. Autumn is the perfect time of year to bond as a family and experience the best parts of life.